top up formula

get digital amount X, spend Y, goes back up to X. additional is small x. get X + x for extra over the allotment amount X, anything else, good for work, rewards, winnings, anything you add to it goes onto the original set amount X and is the new X + x amount of digital deposit that is in your account to use a regular card for. just like usual. Use card, digits go in and out. With the Top Up Formula it always goes back to X. no time limits, never run out, even the rich get to keep their +x and never worry about suffering poverty or their wealth ever going down. What’s not to like?

GET AMOUNT X, SPEND Y, GOES BACK UP TO X. *standard digital deposit

too hot to handle, this one

UPDATE May 21 oh so they’re using NANITES like in that vin movie bloodshot … calling it ‘infectious clone technology’ and signed off on experiments in 2020 how to get it inside us, went from in vitro that’s test tube, to in viro that’s inside a live body

4th level biohazard was made to ‘merge with human airways’

Oxygen was used by PM of UK to treat his covid back when. Putting on more Fauci Masks BLOCKS the OXYGEN.. He said two masks then said wear 3 he had them on a mannequin then i heard he said wear 6.

TRY TO GET SET UP FOR ESCAPE ISM happy campers out in the great outdoors. I was suggesting lakes …

THERE COULD BE A SECOND BUG TEST ROUND ON HUMANITY COMING …well don’t wait until they do get out there and set up have some happy camper fun doing it… for all we know they could decide to hunt us down using Drones … get alternatives going … preventative if you can..

Biohazard handlers had face mask and gloves on. Spread by hand up to mask adjustments etc all over it for Super Spreader hand/touch and grime in the commoner realm and lack of oxygen, and all your openings up there in range, eyes, nose, mouth and ears with the hands over the ears too what’s not to like for ‘how to get the bug inside’ and …. 

It’s not actually in question now it’s just interesting to look at it and see what they were up to. Scary that they would, could and did … a second round with the kiddies still masked implies they failed to get as many as they wanted, so it’s testing 123 how to and how many and … how someone suggested often…maybe.

so how about those Camping grounds and nice sparking lakes!!  …and the rich are going ‘oh yeah, they do look like ants’…

ok so like here it is, eh

i would recommend not rigging it like he did but it’s tres cool …suggestions on using thicker clear plastic and silicone seal waterproofing …mosquito netting/canvas end covers and/or just put a regular tent on it, or this on wooden logs/raft …it’s very doable for Go Rent-Less lake living …hey you get Spring, Summer and Fall, with no rent, use campfires and other goodies …sure beats sidewalk fare *all photos are from online scoops for re-mentioning here …you’re supposed to just know that as a Given.